We are pleased to accept referrals for the following treatments on a private basis:


□ Implant placement             □ Implant placement           □ Implant removal

   and restoration                    only


□ Soft tissue augmentation  □ Bone augmentation          □ Sinus augmentation        


□ Prosthetic treatment          □  Opinion




□ Endodontic treatment   □ Re-RCT

□ Removal of post             □ Removal of separated instrument

□ Apical surgery                □ Opinion




□ Full mouth rehabilitation (including tooth surface loss cases)

□ Dentures                          □ Opinion




□ CBCT           □ OPG           □ Reporting services*

*We work closely with JM Radiology to provide comprehensive dental and maxillofacial radiology reporting services. It is a legal requirement that all radiographic examinations are reported by an adequately trained person. We have access to a fully integrated secure system for CBCT referrals.

If you would like to find out how to make a referral or have any questions, please contact pco@manddhealthcare.co.uk




0207 254 7322

72 Dalston Lane, Dalston, E8 3AH

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